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I am using the WooCommerce Stripe plugin. When a user checks out, they are presented with the option to save their payment method. Because I sell subscriptions, I need to always save the payment information, so I don't want to give the customer the choice. To accomplish that, I created a...

Coworking space in Madrid opened 24H

Making the post to hopefully save someone time. I am not affiliated, have been asked, or received money for this review. I was in Madrid for one week and wanted to find a coworking space to work from. I also needed it to be open 24 hours, since I am...
I bought a Mega 2560 from RobotDyn.com for a project and found the Ethernet port wasn't working or was very unreliable. The shield (active PoE in my case), which comes soldered on the board wasn't being recognized. After hours of debugging, I found a solution in the Amazon reviews. In the...

Root One Plus 5T on Android 10

With TWRP unavailable for Android 10, we can still root the One Plus 5T (and other models too) with these instructions. This guide assumes your bootloader is unlocked. If not, here is a guide. Unlocking the bootloader will reset your device to factory settings, deleting all content, so make sure...
Add an explicit route to access your local resources in the remote network, when using OpenVPN on Mac OS.
Instagram Locked
Locked out of Instagram for not receiving the 2FA SMS? Learn how to log in using your Facebook account, and its backup codes.
Network Diagram for Building your own router
Learn how to build your own router with a PC (server) running pfSense, a switch, and a wireless access point.
Tutorial - Learn how to run the lastest version of bitcoin node on your Ubuntu. Optional support for Bitcoin wallet with BerkeleyDB included.

Speed of Sound

Visualization showing the speed of sound under different scenarios. It almost made it to Reddit's frontpage :-)

Compiling Berkeley DB 4.8.30 in Ubuntu 19

I've been following guides like this one, to run a bitcoin node, but upon compiling Berkeley DB 4.8.30 on my Ubuntu virtual machine, I kept getting the error: ln -s libdb-4.8.a libdb.a ./libtool --mode=compile g++ -c -I. -I../dist/.. -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_REENTRANT -O ../dist/../cxx/cxx_db.cpp libtool: compile: g++ -c -I. -I../dist/.. -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_REENTRANT...