For about two years, any attempt to purchase anything on the PSN website failed with the message:

“We’ve encountered an error while processing your order. Please try again later”

PSN Error Message
PSN Error Message

It turns out I am not the only one getting this error:

I contacted support, and they said that the billing address from my credit card does not match my profile’s address. You’ve heard correctly, Sony thinks that your address should be the same as your billing address in all cases, otherwise, purchases will fail with that cryptic error.

To fix it, head to, and check the box “Use my billing address” under Account -> Account Details -> Location.

PSN Update Address
PSN Update Address

Update 2018-11-05

After a while, this error came back, and I spoke again with PSN support about it. After my two interactions with Sony, and the several comments and many visits this post has received, it has become obvious that Sony’s PSN is a very inmature product with many known bugs. This error seems to be a generic error message that can come from many underlying circumstances.

While Sony’s PSN get their act together, if you are getting this error, my suggestion, and unbelievably the solution proposed by Sony’s support themselves, is to head onto eBay or Amazon, and to buy a gift card, or digital code for your game.


  1. Having exactly this issue right now. So after checking that checkbox to use the billing address, did that work? Were you able to make a purchase successfully after that? If it worked for you at all, how long did that take after address change?

    Sorry for series of questions, just eager to know if you were able to fix the issue ever.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Souvik,

      It did work right away after I updated my billing address. If it didn’t for you, I would suggest opening a chat with Sony Ent. support team. It seems like this error may be shown for different underlying problems.

      • Thank you for your earlier message.

        Wanted to update, for whoever facing (or faced) similar issue, after numerous email exchanges with Sony, it didn’t work for me. I am barred to purchase anything off the store using a browser from my computer. The bots kept replying the same thing over and over again that I probably have address verification issue.

        Surprisingly I was able to finally make that purchase directly from console, guess what, using the same credit card which was denied earlier for so many times. This is super peculiar.

  2. I am getting this now too trying to pre order Spiderman Deluxe trying to order via the website from my work connection. I have $50 on my PSN account via gift cards and trying to pay the $39 difference with two different active valid debit cards and keep getting the error. I checked and address was fine, did check the box saying use my residential address for the two cards and updated them (it didn’t change anything as the existing address listed was the same). Just was able to “purchase” and download a free game no problems. Chat said they showed no account blocks and to try from the console so I guess I’ll try that when I get home tonight.

  3. I don’t have the “Use my billing address” box under Account -> Account Details -> Location.

  4. I have updated my address to match my paypal address but it doesn’t work in the same day, but thanks god it worked perfectly the other day after 24 hours.

  5. Please help. I faced same problem. How can I fixed this or how can I communicate with sony ?

  6. Getting this in 2020, and the thing is that the gift cards method isn’t applicable in my case. Apparently, I got through the purchase of a season pass with the money I had in my PSN Wallet from gift cards, but now when I’ve try to “buy” the free items I got from the season pass I just get this error. :/

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