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Baldur’s Gate II Text Issue on Android

Baldur’s Gate II Text Issue on Android

I recently purchased Baldur’s Gate II on Google Play Store, but just after a few minutes of playing, I noticed how small the UI elements and texts were displayed on my LG G3.

Furthermore┬áturning on the setting UI Scaling doesn’t change anything for screens above Full-HD, which is the case of the LG G3.
I decided to then open the file Baldur.ini located in:


With Root Explorer (you don’t need a rooted device). Then go to the lines 75 & 76 and change them from:

'Fonts', 'Zoom', '148',
'Fonts', 'Size', '3',


'Fonts', 'Zoom', '248',
'Fonts', 'Size', '6',

If you would also like to increase the upper limit for the FPS by default capped at 30 fps, go to line 70 and change it, note that this can drain your battery:

'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate', '30',


'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate', '60',

My final Baldurs.ini looks like this:

CREATE TABLE options (
section string,
name string,
value string
'Fonts', 'ko_KR', 'UNBOM',
'Fonts', 'zh_CN', 'SIMSUN',
'Fonts', 'ja_JP', 'MSGOTHIC',
'Fonts', 'ru_RU', 'PERMIAN',
'Fonts', 'uk_UA', 'PERMIAN',
'Graphics', 'version', 'OpenGL ES 3.0 V@84.0 AU@ (CL@) - build 207',
'Graphics', 'renderer', 'Adreno (TM) 330',
'Graphics', 'vendor', 'Qualcomm',
'MOVIES', 'LOGO', '1',
'Graphics', 'Scale UI', '1',
'Game Options', 'Footsteps', '1',
'Game Options', 'Memory Level', '1',
'Game Options', 'Mouse Scroll Speed', '36',
'Game Options', 'GUI Feedback Level', '5',
'Game Options', 'Locator Feedback Level', '3',
'Game Options', 'Bored Timeout', '3000',
'Game Options', 'Always Dither', '1',
'Game Options', 'Subtitles', '1',
'Game Options', 'Keyboard Scroll Speed', '36',
'Game Options', 'Command Sounds Frequency', '2',
'Game Options', 'Selection Sounds Frequency', '3',
'Game Options', 'Effect Text Level', '62',
'Game Options', 'Infravision', '0',
'Game Options', 'Weather', '1',
'Game Options', 'Tutorial State', '1',
'Game Options', 'Attack Sounds', '1',
'Game Options', 'Auto Pause State', '0',
'Game Options', 'Auto Pause Center', '1',
'Game Options', 'Difficulty Level', '3',
'Game Options', 'Suppress Extra Difficulty Damage', '0',
'Game Options', 'Quick Item Mapping', '1',
'Game Options', 'Environmental Audio', '1',
'Game Options', 'Heal Party on Rest', '1',
'Game Options', 'Terrain Hugging', '0',
'Game Options', 'HP Over Head', '0',
'Game Options', 'Critical Hit Screen Shake', '1',
'Game Options', 'Hotkeys On Tooltips', '1',
'Game Options', 'Area Effects Density', '100',
'Game Options', 'Duplicate Floating Text', '1',
'Game Options', 'Tiles Precache Percent', '100',
'Game Options', 'Color Circles', '1',
'Graphics', 'Zoom Lock', '0',
'Game Options', 'Over Confirm Everything', '0',
'Game Options', 'Show Learnable Spells', '1',
'Game Options', 'Render Actions', '2',
'Game Options', 'Confirm Dialog', '1',
'Multiplayer', 'Disable Banters', '1',
'Program Options', 'Disable Cosmetic Attacks', '0',
'Game Options', 'Render Travel Regions', '1',
'Game Options', 'Pausing Map', '0',
'Game Options', 'Extra Feedback', '0',
'Game Options', 'Filter Games', '1',
'Game Options', 'All Learn Spell Info', '0',
'Graphics', 'Hardware Mouse Cursor', '1',
'Game Options', 'Maximum HP', '1',
'Game Options', 'Show Character HP', '1',
'Game Options', 'Nightmare Mode', '0',
'Game Options', '3E Thief Sneak Attack', '0',
'Game Options', 'Cleric Ranger Spells', '1',
'Program Options', 'Font Name', '',
'Program Options', 'Double Byte Character Support', '0',
'Program Options', 'Drop Capitals', '1',
'Program Options', '3D Acceleration', '1',
'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate', '60',
'Program Options', 'Path Search Nodes', '32000',
'Program Options', 'Tooltips', '2147483647',
'Program Options', 'Translucent Shadows', '1',
'Program Options', 'Sprite Mirror', '0',
'Fonts', 'Zoom', '248',
'Fonts', 'Size', '6',
'Program Options', 'Volume Movie', '90',
'Program Options', 'Volume Music', '40',
'Program Options', 'Volume Voices', '100',
'Program Options', 'Volume Ambients', '40',
'Program Options', 'Volume SFX', '80',
'MOVIES', 'INTRO15F', '1',
'MOVIES', 'INTRO', '1',
'Multiplayer', 'Last Protocol Used', '1',
'Game Options', 'Last Save SOA', '000000001-Quick-Save',
'Game Options', 'Last Save TOB', '000000004-Quick-Save-TOB',
'MOVIES', 'REST', '1',
'Window', 'Maximized', '0',


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